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Our satisfied customers write to us a lot of their experiences. Some of them are so thankful, especially the ones who have been silently suffering from ED. We sought their permission to reproduce parts of their communication to us and they have been gracious enough to permit us. The names, however, have been changed as per their request.

I tried quite a few herbal supplements to increase my stamina for sexual performance. Most of them proved disappointing as there was hardly any effect. A friend referred NiagraX to me and I found it very safe and effective. Now I do not look for other supplements.
– Mark

Trying out herbal supplements was always a scary thought to me. My girlfriend encouraged me to try NiagraX to indulge in a little adventure of our own. Though I was apprehensive, it turned out to be a great experience. We both had lots of fun. You got to try it to believe it!
Could you make smaller quantity in gift packs please, so I could gift my friends?
– Kais

I am 56 years old. I was finding it extremely embarrassing to discuss my sexual life and the problems I faced. It was difficult to speak to my family physician too. My friend who had been using NiagraX received a special festival season discount offer and lent me one bottle and encouraged me to try some. He assured me that there would be no side effects and I would be happy with the results. To my surprise I found that one pill a day of NiagraX put an end to my most difficult problem! Now I am happy, confident and cheerful all the time and my wife is extremely pleased with the change in me. Thought I’d express my gratitude to you.
– Steve

NiagraX was delivered to me promptly and I received immediate assistance and clarification for all my doubts. Your after sales service and medical guidance is great. Keep it up!
– George

I have been using NiagraX for the past three months now and I am very happy with the results. I wanted to know if you have formulations to help females for low libido or to improve overall well being. It would help my girl friend. Looking forward to your response.
– Jay

My friend Luke had been depressed and given up his sexual life in desperation. Despite having hot females to date, he could never bring himself to perform well. It bothered him a lot. He stumbled on NiagraX on Herbopharma site and discussed with me whether he should try it. Out of sheer desperation and to save my friend from his depressed state I encouraged him to try it out. What an advise that turned out to be. Luke is now seen grinning all the time and is genuinely happy. Thanks to whatever the NiagraX herbs do to him!
– Kertzey


Please note: The results of taking this product are not typical or expected for every consumer and they may vary from person to person. However a small percentage of users might experience dramatic results in a very short period of time. For the best results we recommend physical activity and healthy life-style at the same time.

  1. Hi, Does one need to take NiagraX every day or only when you want a hard on ?

    thank you


    Comment by terrence byrne on June 1, 2016 @ 3:07 am
  2. Usually you only need to take it 1-3 hours before sexual activity. In rare cases customers report of daily usage for best results.

    Best regards

    Comment by NiagraX Team on November 15, 2016 @ 9:32 am

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